Typical Products

The Isorano products are a welcome change for visitors. Agricultural and traditional merchandise forms a key part in establishing the identity of the municipality.


The sweets that are made in the municipality are famous throughout the island of Tenerife and sometimes even further afield. They are results of old baking traditions that are continued thanks to the dedication of several families who honour the traditional methods. Typical Canarian pastries such as ‘Rosquetes’, ‘huesitos’, ‘tortas de almendras’ and ‘truchas’ (among others) allow us to enjoy the treats of the past in the traditional ‘dulcerías’ or sweet shops.




On soils of volcanic ash and rocks lapped by the Atlantic, these vineyards mainly produce varieties of white and red listán grapes which produce white wines, rosés and young reds. There is also a limited but significant production of sweet wines, made mainly from malvasia and muscatel varieties of grape. They all bear the stamp of designation of origin of Ycoden-Daute-Isora. You can find these vineyards mainly in Chío, Chirche and Tejina plus occasionally in the orchards of El Jaral and Acojeja.

Bodegas Insulares de Tenerife has a point of sale in Ctra Chío Boca Tauce where you can learn more about these products.




Another artisan product to try in Guía de Isora is the large variety of local cheese. Both the white ‘queso fresco’ and the different varieties of cured cheese (cured and smoked, cured with paprika, cured without paprika) will tantalise your taste buds.





The beekeeping tradition in Guía de Isora originates from before the Conquest. For centuries the knowledge of techniques for honey production it has been passed on from father to son.
The bees are kept from 500 metres above sea level up to the mountain areas. This takes advantage of the natural vegetation which is favourable for obtaining quality honey.
The honey produced in the mountains of Guía de Isora is of a very high standard and can be found in most of the shops in the local towns.