You will find many things to see and do to occupy your time during your visit. From lengthy walks on the coast, trekking through nature reserves, shopping in traditional marketplaces or practicing daring sports for the more adventurous.


Active Tourism

Guía de Isora offers a wide range of sport activities that you can practice during your visit.





spa_costaisora Relaxation

Guía de Isora is defined by its tranquillity. Something you can find on both the coast as well as the higher areas in the mountains.




Mercado AlcalaShopping and Crafts

Bask in the ambience of the local markets in Guía de Isora. Here you’ll find textiles, local sweets and pastries, fresh organic produce, flowers and typical handicrafts from the area.




senderismo2Walking and Hiking

The result of regular trading between local people during their traditional agricultural use, Guia de Isora is home to extensive well-worn walking routes from the sea to summit.




Zona Recreativa de Chío (Large)Camping

Camping is a nice option to enjoy outdoors and surrounded by nature. In the municipality, there is an enabled area for ​​camping…