PR-TF 70 | Guía – Tágara – Boca Tauce

  • Distance: 17,5km
  • Difficulty : Medium-High
  • Duration: 8h 30m (3h open section). Closed from  “Era de Las Vistas” (Km.6,6)
  • Starting: Guia de Isora. Connexion with PR- TF70.1 Aripe & PR-TF 70.2. Chirche
  • End: Boca Tauce.

Starting from the church of Guia de Isora, you will go up through Los Chorros Street, and keep going until getting into the road; after about 2 kilometers, you will find the access to the center of Aripe. If you continue climbing through the PR-TF 70 passing by furnaces and plots, you will get to the center of Chirche. From here on, you will keep going between vineyards and then scrubs, until getting to Lomo de Las Vistas, which, on clear days, shows that it has a fitting name.
The pine woods in Tagara puts an end on the previous climbing and radically changes the landscape. Shortly after connecting to Casa Forestal in Tágara, PR-TF 70.1 Tagara- El Jaral, you will get to a viewpoint where you will be able to contemplate one of the waterfalls of Barranco Niagara. Later, you will meet the connection PR-TF 70.2 Llano del Negro- Las Fuentes, which coming from Llano del Negro, allows you to reach the hamlet of Las Fuentes. At this height, the typical species of summit appear, these are the main focus in Boca de Chavao. From this point, you will walk with a fantastic view of Teide and Pico Viejo, on the edge of the track of Narices del Teide, until reaching Boca Tauce. Because of its length, constant slope and absence of intermediate access between the starting and ending points, it makes it so that the hiker should be in good physical shape to do it completely.