Shopping and Crafts

Bask in the ambience of the local markets in Guía de Isora. Here you’ll find textiles, local sweets and pastries, fresh organic produce, flowers and typical handicrafts from the area.

Markets are located in Alcalá in the Plaza de Llano every Monday from 08:00 to 13: 00h, and in the Paseo El Bufadero in Playa San Juan every Wednesday at the same time. Take the opportunity to do your shopping and find some really special souvenirs.


ARRIBA-Plano general mercadillo Playa San Juan_MG_9664Playa de San Juan Traditional Market

Address: Paseo El Bufadero, Playa San Juan

Phone: 922 85 01 00

Open on wednesdays from 8:00am to 13:00pm



IMG_4088Alcalá Traditional Market

Address: Plaza del Llano, Alcalá

Phone: 922 85 01 00

Open on mondays from 8:00am to 13:00pm



Shopping areas and Commercial Zones

The commercial areas in the municipality can be found in the 3 main towns of Guía de Isora, Playa de San Juan and Alcalá. There’s a greater concentration of businesses and shops on the coast in comparison to the towns higher up.

The main town of Guía de Isora

The businesses and shops can be found in two main areas: The old town where all the historical buildings are found is also the home of the administrative offices for the Town Hall and you can find many small shops and local businesses in this area. On the outskirts of the town (along the main road, Avenida Isora), you will come across the larger businesses with bigger premises, along with chain stores, supermarkets and some restaurants.

Streetmap of commercial area in Guía de Isora

Playa San Juan

The main commercial area in the municipality is found in Playa San Juan and is centred around the main three streets: Avenida Juan Carlos I, Avenida del Emigrante and Avenida Reina Sofía. Here you can find a large number of shops and businesses, however the main services to be seen here are restaurants and bars.


The town of Alcalá is situated to the north of Playa San Juan and has the largest concentration of businesses in the municipality which can be found along the Main Street that goes across the centre of the town from north to south: Avenida de los Pescadores. However, we must not forget the many streets that cross this main thoroughfare, such as Calle Mondiola, Núñez de Balboa or the Plaza del Llano, which are also home to a great number of local businesses.

Streetmap of commercial area in Playa de San Juan & Alcalá