Active tourism

Guía de Isora offers a wide range of sport activities that you can practice during your visit.


You can admire an infinite number of different species in the depths of the waters around the coast with multi-coloured vegetation and underwater caves. It’s a Paradise under the waves.

Playa San Juan possesses some of the best areas for diving. El Arco de Piedra, la Cueva Cerebros, Los Chuchos and La Tixera are underwater formations that will not fail to impress you.




  • Pama Diving

C/ La Marina,8

38687 Playa San Juan – Guía de Isora – Santa Cruz de Tenerife

(+34) 671 30 45 58

  • Diveria Diving Center

Calle la Plaza,12

38686 Alcalá – Guía de Isora – Santa Cruz de Tenerife

(+34) 922866678 /603762754 / 603762749


IMG_7635-minSurf & Bodyboard

Visitors that have a preference for surfing and bodyboard can do so in the waters around Punta Blanca. The waves in this area are perfect and the area is highly recommended and extremely popular.

Surf & Bodyboard Championship

If you like these sports then this competition will be the excitement you need.

It takes place at Punta Blanca during the month of February (only when the sea and climate conditions are favourable). The competition is scored according to the Canarian Bodyboard Circuit and the Canarian Surfing Circuit (which has a 3-star classification). Participation in the championship increases year-on-year and it is establishing itself as a sporting event on a regional level.

Fotograma Ciclismo 02Cycling

There are many diverse cycling routes in Guía de Isora. One of the best known is that which goes between Boca Tauce and Tijoco. The municipality is fast becoming a cycling haven with many cyclists choosing our roads and routes to increase their form. You can take advantage of the scenery whilst tackling challenging mountains and routes used by some of the world’s best cyclists for training.



  • Bike Emotion

High specification bike hire and sales. Sales of cycling accessories.

Paseo la Libertad, 40

38689 Chío – Guía de Isora – Santa Cruz de Tenerife

(+34) 619 651 518




Fotograma Escalada 01Climbing

One of the most spectacular climbing areas is that of ‘el risco de Guaria’ on the natural monument of Tejina Mountain, which is one of the protected areas within our municipality. These ancient volcanic walls form some of the longest climbing routes on the island – of which there are around 90 – however the way the rocks are formed also allows you to combine classic techniques with variable rope lengths, which is why it is considered by many to be one of the best areas for climbing in Tenerife.

If you wish to visit the protected areas, there are specific rules that must be followed in order to regulate climbing practice. You may climb in these areas with an annual license which is authorised by the Environmental area of the Tenerife Government.


 Applications for licenses must be made to:

‘Área de Medioambiente del Cabildo Insular de Tenerife’ in person or by e-mail to the following address:

The license is obligatory and you must always carry it with you.

You will need to send the following information:

Name and surname

NIE or Passport Number

Contact phone number, if possible, a mobile number.



Playa San Juan (21)-minCanoeing

The area close to the Isorana Cliffs has fast become somewhere where you can do watersports such as canoeing. With calm waters which allow you to discover dark corners, it’s a great place to take your kayak.





  • Escuela municipal de deportes náuticos

Puerto de Playa de San Juan

38687 Playa de San Juan – Guía de Isora

(+34) 678 673 047



Thanks to the excellent climate conditions for most of the year and 15 kilometres of coastline that the municipality has to offer, you can extend your sail and navigate the seas.

If you would like to learn how to sail, Guía de Isora has a Municipal Sailing School where you can do courses; whether you are just starting out or even if you want to perfect your skills.



  • Escuela municipal de deportes náuticos

Puerto de Playa de San Juan

38687 Playa de San Juan – Guía de Isora

(+34) 678 673 047

IMG-20170605-WA0006Whale and dolphin watching.

The south-west coast of the Island is the perfect place for whale and dolphin watching.

In Guia de Isora you’ll have the opportunity to contemplate these free wild animals thanks to the different companies that organize different kind of excursions. Some of them recognised with a Quality Charter that ensures a highquality tourist service respecting the animals and reducing the impact that could involve to the marine environment.



  • Seapassion

Puerto de Playa de San Juan

38687 Playa de San Juan – Guía de Isora

(+34) 686 476 534