Walking and Hiking

senderismoThe result of regular trading between local people during their traditional agricultural use, Guía de Isora is home to extensive well-worn walking routes from the sea to summit.

There is a network of recently approved trails which you can follow through protected natural and cultural areas.



Topoguide of  homologated trails

Trail Distance Approx. Difficulty
 PR-TF 70 Guía-Tágara-Boca Tauce  17.5 km  Medium-High
 PR TF 70.1 Tágara-El Jaral  6,11 km  Medium
 PR-TF 70.2 Llano del Negro-Las Fuentes  5,4 km Medium
 PR-TF 69 Chío-Vera de Erques  14,6 km Medium
 PR-TF 69.1 Chiguergue-Chasogo  9,2 Km Medium-High
 SL 201 Chío-Arguayo  3,88 km Low
 SL 203 Chío- Arenales  6,75 km Medium
SL 206 Jaral-Guía de Isora  3,45 km Low