PR-TF 70.1| Tágara – El Jaral

  • Distance: 6,11km
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Duration: 3 h.
  • Beginning: Connection with the PR-TF 70 before the Forest House in Tágara.
  • End: El Jaral, Guía de Isora

This alternative to PR-TF 70 starts approximately one kilometer and a half before the Forest House in Tágara. Very close to this house we can see an old and damaged pitch oven and, on the edge of the track, the famous Pino de La Virgen, recently knocked down by a storm. To get to El Jaral, you need to take the path between inside the pine forest, known as Camino Galante. Following through the ground partially covered by pine needle, we go through Cruz de Manuel and, if we leave the pine forest, we reach the joint with Camino de Chirche. You have to turn left to go down towards our destination through the old road that used to connect this center to the summit. Finishing the route, we get to an asphalt road and turn left onto the old road. Here, you will go through another crossing, the road to the left goes to the ravine La Higuera while the one in front of you goes to El Jaral down Niagara Street to the old drinking fountain.