PR-TF 69.1 | Chiguergue – Chasogo

  • Distance: 9,2km
  • Difficulty: Medium-High
  • Duration: 4h 30min.
  • Beginning: Connection between El Roquillo and Las Cuevas Street, Chiguergue
  • End: TF-38 road, Forest trail Chasogo, Guía de Isora

We begin the route at the point between El Roquillo and Las Cuevas Street, in Chiguergue. We go up through Las Cuevas Street crossing the TF-38 road carefully, to continue climbing up the path that we will find ahead. This will gradually take us deeper into the pines, until we have to cross the TF-38 again to continue our climbing. Before getting to Lomo de las Cuevas Del Cuchillo, we will run into a signposted detour, which gives us the possibility of connecting to Pino de La Leche road, until SL- TF 203 Chio-Los Arenales, which will alow us to reach the Recreational Area of Los Arenales. Our main trail, ignoring that crossing, goes up changing the landscape, close to Naterito de Sanchez, entering a pine forest area.
Now we get to a field where the plants give way to a “malpais” (bad terrain) which allow us to see interesting volcanic morphologies. This area, known as Reventon de Pedro Hernandez, aldo houses an old interesting plot built on a pahoehoe morphology: Barqueto plot and some remnants of volcanic pipes. We finish our route in the connection between the forest trail and TF-38 road.