SL 201 | Chío – Arguayo

  • Distance: 3,88km
  • Difficulty: Low
  • Duration: 1.45 h
  • Beginning: kilometer 28 of the TF-38 road Chío- Boca Tauce
  • End: Potter centre of Arguayo

The trail starts near the kilometer 28 of the TF-38 road Chío- Boca Tauce, where an uphill track begins between plots of traditional agriculture with low stone walls on the side of the road. Later, once we crossed a culvert, we will find a crossroad, which left-hand side would take us to lower Arguayo.
We continue going up the main path through the fields known as El Pinillo and Las Rosas. This is malpais area (bad terrain), where the road will alternate with narrow lanes, and plants finded are mostly Aeoniums (Aeonium pseudourbicum) and isolated pines (Pinus Canariensis). We will reach a crossroads and take the path to the left, descending between the stone walls to connect with La Cerca Street at the center of Arguayo. We will walk through several streets until reaching the square at the Potter centre of Arguayo.